Edith Dormandy

Biography and work of Edith Dormandy

Edith has been studying at LARA since 2016 after attaining her first-class degree at UCL in History of Art. She won a first place scholarship from the ARC to support her studies at LARA at the beginning of 2019 and is coming towards the end of her time as a student here. She takes portrait and illustration commissions, teaches art and art history, and organises exhibitions. Her main focus, however, is on her own practice. She describes her paintings less as expressions of ideas, and more as bi-products of concentrated thinking about and looking at a particular subject, be that an object, a person or a concept.

"My Art History degree spawned lots of ideas in me which my LARA training is helping me realise. Now I want to help people at LARA enrich their practices through an exploration of Art History."