Summer Scholarship Competition 2018 | Impressions from a School Leaver

Any nerves I had in the run up to the LARA Summer School were instantly dispelled, as I found myself in a wonderful, supportive group of diverse talents and tastes.

Having never tried life drawing before, a quick gesture drawing on  day one put me at ease and gave me my first look at the sight-size method before progressing onto a bigger scale.

Each day was split in two: figure drawing in the mornings followed by an afternoon in the cast room. The cast drawing enabled me to get to grips with the basics of sight-size, whether it be measuring distances or just learning to recognise angles, and then everything I had learnt in the cast room was then applied to the figure drawing, and visa versa. Throughout the entire course the conditions set up were kept strictly constant, and so I could focus my attention without worrying about the impact of any external variation on my work.

The sight-size method itself trained me to really look for shapes and angles, and their relationships. And the approach to values made me appreciate the subtle differences between light and shadow, and taught me how to analyse all the information available in nature, and translate this into the narrow range of tones available to an artist via graphite, prioritising in such a way that the drawing still read naturally.

Despite all of these new techniques, I found that there was still room for personal interpretation and expression, and I could increasingly rely on my eye thanks to the solid foundation provided by sight-size.

The regular rotation of the same tutors allowed for a fresh set of eyes while still maintaining a degree of familiarity, and hence the recognition of habits (good and bad), style and, ultimately, progress.

Overall, I was made to feel so welcome at LARA, and I learnt so much in such a short period of time that I have since been able to adapt and/or reinforce in my own work.

I would highly recommend the scholarship competition to anyone who is interested in developing a basis of skill to enable them to approach a variety of subjects with confidence, or for someone just looking for some structure or direction in how they work.

easter scholarship competiton 2019

After a fantastic first Summer Scholarship Competition we are delighted to announce our inaugural LARA Easter Scholarship Competition!

LARA London will host one first prize winner for the full two weeks of Easter School | Introduction to Materials (1st-12th April 2019, worth £845). In addition, one runner up will be hosted for one week of the Summer School (subject to availability, worth £435).

Over the course of two weeks on Easter School students will be taught the essentials of cast drawing and figure drawing and painting, spending ten full days in the studios with 60 hours of contact time with LARA tutors, with a special emphasis on experimenting with materials used on the LARA Diploma.

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