RBA Rome Scholarship Winner is LARA Student Tom Greenwood

RBA Rome Scholarship Winner is LARA Student Tom Greenwood!

Congratulations to LARA student Tom Greenwood who has been awarded The Rome Scholarship for 2014 by The Royal Society of British Artists. The scholarship will allow Tom to spend one month at the British School in Rome, the criteria for success being the demonstration of a high standard of draftsmanship. We look forward to seeing what Tom achieves during his month in the stunning city!

‘I was lucky enough to be introduced to drawing and painting at an early age by my mother, who exhibited and sold her own work in London and Hampshire. At Bedales school I became firmly preoccupied with the figurative side of art and benefited from life drawing classes and instruction from George Hatton, the then head of art. My specific interest in figurative art, as opposed to the conceptual, led me to choose not to go to art school, since when I left school in 2003 there were no courses in England teaching academic drawing and painting skills. Instead, I went to study mathematics at Bristol University and an MSc at UCL and spent five years working in investment research before the call of art became too strong to resist.

In summer 2010 I attended a one week course at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) and in January 2011 I quit my job and enrolled on the full-time course. After one and a half terms at LARA was forced to return to work for financial reasons where I worked full-time until December 2012. At this point I managed to agree a consultancy contract with my previous employer which meant I could re-enrol, spending 4.5 days a week at the school, while working in research in the evenings, weekends and one afternoon a week.

Whilst studying at LARA I have completed several portrait commissions for private clients and continue to accept commissions from life or photos. I also enjoy acting as a student-teacher on the LARA summer, winter and Easter schools.’ Tom Greenwood







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