Wolpertingers and Bauernschmaus | Alexander Heaton

Oil on Linen | 2010 | 55cm (w) x 40cm (h) | Unframed

Alexander Heaton is a graduate from Cleveland College of Art and Design (Foundation) and Central Saint Martins (BFA, MFA). His work explores man’s primeval interaction with nature in an attempt to capture the sense of wonder and spirituality as human confronts omnipresence. Heaton works from experience, researching and conducting studies in remote natural settings.

Heaton has exhibited across the UK and internationally. Most notably, his 2011 solo show The Secret of the Runes at the Residence Gallery in London was selected to be in the Pulse Art Fair, Miami in 2011.

A Bauernschmaus is an Austrian dish containing pork loin chops, bacon, and sausages cooked in beer with sauerkraut, grated raw potato, and seasoning. In this painting Alexander has chosen to depict fictional folk Bavarian characters called wolpertinger’s feasting upon this dish. In German folklore, a wolpertinger is an animal said to inhabit the alpine forests of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

This work was selected to show at LARA’s Graduating in Paint, an exhibition of artists working in innovative ways across the field of painting who have graduated from art schools across the UK.




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