Portrait Painting | Masterclass

Learn to paint a competent portrait in oils.

Date & Time

11th-15th Feb 2019 | MONDAY - FRIDAY | 10:00-17:00


LARA Bristol
Trinity Road
Bristol BS2 0NW
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This Masterclass will teach you to paint a competent portrait in oils.

Aims of this Course


  • Applying a knowledge of anatomy to a portrait.
  • Understanding the proportions and planes of the head to develop a deeper knowledge of the underlying structure of the form.
  • Capturing an accurate likeness of the sitter and bringing out the best in your model.
  • How to organise a complicated subject with a simple value range.
  • Assembling an appropriate palette of colour and mixing accurate colour values.
  • Paint handling and edge control.
  • Controlling focus within portrait painting and overall design.

The Facilities

This Masterclass is limited to 8 students and takes place in the Figure Room of the LARA Bristol studio. Each model is lit with individual professional photographic lighting which provides a steady, unchanging environment from which to observe all elements of portrait painting.


A full materials list will be provided on booking. Most materials can be purchased in the LARA shop onsite.


“Personalised tuition from a great tutor” – Mary Povey, Portrait Painting Masterclass student 2018

‘A week workshop at LARA was a chance to selfishly devote all my time and energy to the one thing I love doing most. It was very concentrated in a positive way, the environment was relaxed , the course well structured, the tutor generous with time one to one as well to the group as a whole. I felt I got lost in my own world of endeavour and pleasure at trying and it did not matter not being the best in the group. I wanted the week to last longer – being a small group also was lovely.’ C Barnes

Learn from the best tutors

Luca Indraccolo

"Mastering the technique of painting is just the beginning. Deciding what to do with it is the hard part."


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