Plastic Bag with Pastries | Abbie Davies

Abbie Davies is a graduate from Camberwell College of Art (Foundation) and Wimbledon College of Art (BFA). Davies’ work reflects the ‘want it now’ generation, playing on consumerism culture, fast fashion, food branding and advertisements. Her works resemble digital screens, 2D and glossy, finished with resin varnish which diminishes any marks or signs of human production that were originally clear in the paint. Davies has exhibits her work across London, most recently including shows at the Sotheby’s Institute and the Fitzrovia Gallery.

This work – Plastic bag with Pastries – gouache, enamel and resin varnish on wooden panel, was selected to show at LARA’s Graduating in Paint, an exhibition of artists working in innovative ways across the field of painting who have graduated from art schools across the UK.



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