Photoshop Elements for Artists | Workshop

This workshop will cover Photoshop Elements, which has a range of processes that can be very useful for artists.

Date & Time

26th-27th October 2019 | 10:00-17:00


LARA London
371 Clapham Road
London SW9 9BT
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Whatever medium you work in as an artist, it is very likely you will need to use and edit photos at some point. Photoshop Elements is a multifaceted piece of software, so this workshop will cover a handful of processes that can be very useful for artists.
Aims of this Course

There will be two parts:
Day one: How to photograph and edit photos of your artwork for an accurate representation of the original.
Day two: How to use Photoshop Elements to develop your compositions.
Day one will cover how best to photograph your work, and then we will explore how to make that photo look true to the original. That involves adjusting light and colour, as well as correcting camera distortions and retouching to correct for the complications of paint texture, reflections and glare.  The aim is to get a high quality photo that is suitable for a website, social media and entering competitions.
Day two will cover some different tools that can be used when developing composition. Whether this is preliminary to beginning work in paint and other physical media, or experimenting with changes that could be made when an artwork is in progress, it can be very useful to try out different possibilities digitally.  We look at the use of layers, masks, basic digital painting, and various other tools. The processes are useful whether experimenting on a photo of a painting in progress, sketches, or reference photos.
In this workshop, we will be using Photoshop Elements, which is a fraction of the cost of full Photoshop CS/CC, but is still a powerful piece of software. No experience of Photoshop Elements is necessary.

The Facilities

This Workshop will take place in the Workshop Room of LARA London.

Places are limited to 12 students.


Students are asked to bring a laptop or tablet with Photoshop Elements installed. Please note, it is possible to register for a 30 day free trial of this software.

Students are also asked to bring a dry painting they would like to photograph to play with on Photoshop Elements.

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