Movement | Sam De Freitas

Oil and Household Paint on Canvas | 2014 - 2019 | 150cm (h) x 100cm (w) | Unframed

Sam De Freitas is a graduate from Leeds College of Art (BFA). He is interested in the sporadic quality of painting. De Freitas takes a  synaesthetic and holistic view of painting, taking into account the sound, smell and colour, as well as considering both creative and destructive processes involved in producing his work. 

De Freitas has exhibited across the UK, including at the Old Truman Brewery and the Archive Gallery in London, and most recently holding a solo show at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe.

Movement looks at the way we play and fail. “The chemical imbalance of mediums that don’t naturally belong is rationalised through my synaesthesia. The jarred marks look, sound and smell like the colours of the out-of-tune and withered piano we keep in the garden.”

This work was selected to show at LARA’s Graduating in Paint, an exhibition of artists working in innovative ways across the field of painting who have graduated from art schools across the UK.



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