Figure Painting | Masterclass

Learn how to paint the complicated subject of the human form in a simple and organised way.

Date & Time

20th-24th May 2019 | Monday to Friday | 10.00-17.00


LARA London
371 Clapham Road
London SW9 9BT
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Taking advantage of a sustained pose for the entire duration of the course allows each student to first draw and then paint the figure in sight-size.

This course is designed to improve the student’s observational abilities, increase their familiarity with the human figure, and increase their confidence in paint-handling when using a direct-painting method. Engaging in a sustained study of the figure involves both the formulation of a pictorial language suitable to the task, and the application of a specific set of strategies through which accumulated observations can be framed to form a coherent whole. This workshop will focus primarily on imparting an efficient and structured approach to drawing and painting the figure from life, and aim to equip the student with a critical outlook towards their own process when creating observational work.

This course has now achieved sufficient sign-ups and will definitely be running.

Aims of this Course

The workshop will consist of a sustained five-day figure pose in sight-size. It will cover the following points:

  • Drawing strategies to achieve a proportionate figure painting with a believable anatomical structure and gesture
  • Procedure: the use of preparatory studies, and a structured but flexible approach to the development of a painting
  • Navigating a straightforward and accessible colour-palette with confidence and ease
  • The technical skills involved in creating a convincing account of light and form within a painting
  • The manipulation and control of oil paint
  • Discussion of materials: paint, mediums, supports, brushes etc.

Please note: this course will involve some drawing; students will be expected to produce a preliminary drawing at the outset of the course to inform their paintings. Some basic references to superficial and deep anatomy will be made throughout the course; for this reason familiarising yourself with skeletal landmarks as preparation may prove useful (but is not mandatory). This can be achieved by consulting an artistic anatomy book such as Stephen Rogers Peck’s Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist, (Oxford University Press, U.S.A. (18 Feb. 1982), ISBN: 0195030958).

The Facilities

Working from the live model for six hours a day under professional photographic lights allows for careful, unchanging observation of the figure. Limited to 18 students, this is a wonderful opportunity for individualised instruction under a professional tutor. If numbers reach 15 students, there will be an assistant tutor present throughout. The Workshop Room is located within the main school of LARA London allowing for use of the main facilities of the full-time students.


A full materials list will be provided on booking. Most materials can be purchased in the LARA shop onsite.


“It was truly an unforgettable experince’ – Nemanja Abazovic, Figure Painting Masterclass student 2017

“I most enjoyed being submerged in the process within an art school that takes study seriously, even on a short course” – Karen Charles, Figure Painting Masterclass student 2017

“Superb teaching, great feedback, a really friendly, supportive and fun atmosphere, great facilities and a great model” – Tita Beavan,  Figure Painting Masterclass student 2017

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