Emergence II | Lorraine Cooke

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas | 2017 | 64.5cm (h) x 84.5cm (w) | Framed

Lorraine Cooke is a graduate from Norwich School of Art and Design (BFA) and Northhampton University (MFA). Her practice explores ‘inscape’, drawing upon the history of the landscape genre in painting as an attempt to rationalise the landscape she finds herself in, both physical and psychological.

Cooke has exhibited across the UK, as well as internationally. She has won awards including AA2A Artist of the Year, and was featured by Saatchi Gallery as an “Artist of Recognition”.

This work – Emergence II – was selected to show at LARA’s Graduating in Paint, an exhibition of artists working in innovative ways across the field of painting who have graduated from art schools across the UK.




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