Artistic Anatomy | Workshop

Develop a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of the anatomy of the human form.

Date & Time

23rd-27th September 2019 | 10:00-17:00


LARA London
371 Clapham Road
London SW9 9BT
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This workshop, in which you will work from a live model, will provide you with the foundation to develop a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of artistic anatomy, and its application.

This course requires a minimum number of enrolments to run.

Aims of this Course

The course will be framed in relation to the atelier method of sight-size drawing, and will emphasise how an anatomically informed eye can be of benefit in assessing the visual impression of the figure.

Anatomy is an essential component for high level work from life; this masterclass is a rare opportunity for some personalised guidance through this complex subject.

Our model will hold the same pose for the whole five days. The first hour of each day will be an anatomy demonstration, based on scan data of a figure in the same pose as the one we are working with. This model can be manipulated in various ways to illustrate key anatomical principles.

The focus will be on surface form with a particular emphasis on fat distribution.

Students will receive a pdf copy of all demos at the end of the course.

The Facilities

Each class is limited to 18 students. The figure room is located within the main school of LARA London.


Please bring the following materials with you. Items marked with an asterisk are stocked in the LARA shop. Please call ahead if you would like to reserve items to ensure availability.

  • Sketchbook* large enough to take drawn notes
  • Notebook for note taking
  • Cartridge paper (Canson*, Snowdon* or similar)
  • Nitram Charcoal*
  • Pencil*
  • Rubber*
  • Sharpener*


‘Stuart’s course was great – illuminating, practical, immediately useful’ – Artistic Anatomy for Portraiture student 2018

‘Stuart makes the study of portrait anatomy a really interesting subject. I always felt like I came away from each session with just the right amount of new information that my brain could handle. I enjoyed the way each class builds on the last through the use of demonstrations followed by practical application. The class pushes you out of your comfort zone in a way that is challenging but will ultimately help you improve your understanding of the face, as well as general drawing skill. Highly recommend!’ – Artistic Anatomy for Portraiture student 2018

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Stuart Elliot

"Anatomy is a rich and interesting area of study and is an example of an intersection between art and a range of other disciplines."


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