Portrait sculpture can be studied on weekend or week-long Workshops or Masterclasses.

Our approach to sculpting reflects the actual 3D nature of sculpture, as compared to the implied 3-dimensionality of drawing and painting. The making of sculpture is less dependent than these disciplines on the position and direction of the light, and has more to do with the tangibility of form and anatomy.

‘Engels’, Ciment Fondue by Giles Lester (LARA tutor)

We set up the model in the same way as for drawing and painting, and the initial sense of the pose is established by standing back and comparing what one is making with what one is seeing – to scale – and making adjustments accordingly. We then work using calipers to take measurements, and also apply matchsticks to physically mark fundamental points of reference that one can then trust.

The emphasis is on the silhouette as created by the contour, or outline, of the portrait and, to bring this out, the model is set against a white background for maximum contrast.

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Figure drawing

Figure drawing is the basis of all good draftsmanship and drawing from life is the backbone of LARA’s process.

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Portrait drawing

Portrait drawing is an integral part of the LARA curriculum and students are encouraged to hire models throughout the program.

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Cast drawing

Cast drawing informs all aspects of the curriculum and is where students learn foundational principals that apply to all aspects of their work.

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Full-time study - oil painting by tutor Charlie-pickard

Cast painting

Cast painting provides the student with an introduction to working with oil paint and is the first painting stage of the program.

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Figure painting

Figure painting presents one of the most significant and difficult challenges posed by the curriculum.

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Full-time study - oil-painted portrait-Bryan-by tutor Luca-Indraccolo

Portrait painting

The portrait is an integral part of the curriculum and students are encouraged to work with portrait models throughout the program.

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Figure Sculpture

Figure Sculpture can be studied in a two week intensive workshop structure.

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Portrait sculpture

Portrait sculpture can be studied on weekend workshops or week long intensives.

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