Cast drawing teaches the student how to see, and how to translate what they see into line and mass. This foundational work informs the student’s progress at all stages of the LARA Curriculum.

The aim of the exercise is to create a highly believable, naturalistic image, and to gain an intimate understanding of the process involved. Cast drawing teaches the student how to block in efficiently, accurately translating complex shape problems, and how to understand the effect of light on form, without the complications of local value changes. Learning to locate the shadow line and identify values correctly, as well as developing a trained eye, are key skills to be gained in this part of the Curriculum. Students progress from simple features through to more complex casts that begin to emulate the drawing scenarios one might encounter in a figure or portrait.

‘Death Mask of Appiani’, Charcoal and Chalk on Toned Paper by Charlie Pickard

Drawing from the past | Skills for the future

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Figure drawing

Figure drawing is the basis of all good draftsmanship and drawing from life is the backbone of LARA’s process.

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Portrait drawing

Portrait drawing is an integral part of the LARA curriculum and students are encouraged to hire models throughout the program.

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Cast drawing

Cast drawing informs all aspects of the curriculum and is where students learn foundational principals that apply to all aspects of their work.

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Full-time study - oil painting by tutor Charlie-pickard

Cast painting

Cast painting provides the student with an introduction to working with oil paint and is the first painting stage of the program.

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Figure painting

Figure painting presents one of the most significant and difficult challenges posed by the curriculum.

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Full-time study - oil-painted portrait-Bryan-by tutor Luca-Indraccolo

Portrait painting

The portrait is an integral part of the curriculum and students are encouraged to work with portrait models throughout the program.

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Figure Sculpture

Figure Sculpture can be studied in a two week intensive workshop structure.

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Portrait sculpture

Portrait sculpture can be studied on weekend workshops or week long intensives.

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