London Atelier and Framestore: Old Master skills for New Digital Masters

LARA is very happy to be working with top VFX company Framestore to provide their concept team with training in traditional sculpture. Sculptor and director James Napier has been taking them through the fundamentals of portrait sculpture proving just how relevant traditional skills are to contemporary film and game industries.

Knowledge and practice in the fundamentals of traditional art is still essential within the digital industries. Whether the work is ultimately created digitally or physically the same principles apply. By training the eye to replicate from life students are more able to work from imagination while retaining all important accuracy. No matter your medium or tools a well trained eye will allow you to create beautiful and skilful work quickly: an all important requirement in the VFX industry.

The portrait sculpture workshops at LARA are all limited to eight students increasing teacher student time while creating the perfect environment to develop your sculpting skills and learn professional methods. The course is five days long giving you 30 hours of model time in order to learn the fundamental principles of portrait sculpture.

Framestore are leaders in the world of ‘moving images, content, design, and digital for the advertising, entertainment and film industries. [They] are global leaders in visual effects, having won every major industry award.’


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