LARA Scholarship | Interview with Lucas Garcia


Lucas Garcia grew up in Stroud before moving to Spain at 16. He studied illustration for three years at ESDIP in Madrid before moving to London and starting his studies at LARA. While studying at LARA Lucas has been exhibited in London with his working being selected for the Lynn painter stainers prize 2016 and the Royal society of portrait painters 2016.

What made you decide to come to LARA?

I decided to come to LARA because it was the only place in the UK that offered the training I wanted. I had become aware that I wasn’t going to be able to make the art I wanted to make without deeper technical study.

What have you gained most from your time at LARA so far?

I have gained a deeper understanding of the most important elements of figurative art. I developed a sharper eye and have found that the standards I set for myself are ever rising, driving me further. I now have more fluency in drawing and painting than I ever thought I could have. Being at LARA has made me aware of the stamina, endurance and patience that is necessary when it comes to making art. I have made strong connections and friendships with other students which will form a strong network into my future.

What are your plans for your future after LARA?

My plan is to make personal work with the fundamental skills I have learnt. There is a lot of exciting work being done in contemporary figurative art and I wish to explore new ways of using these traditional techniques. I will be continuing to examine ways of combining looser, more abstract and suggestive qualities with the structure and form taught at LARA. I now feel more confident about undertaking portrait commissions and work illustration.


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