LARA Bristol Studio Opens August 2017

LARA Bristol is opening at The Old Library on Trinity Road, Bristol. Our space will be able to hold sixteen full and part-time students as well as a full complement of workshops, evening classes, weekend classes and drop-in life drawing.

Located just off Old Market, The Old Library was built in 1896 in the ‘Jacobethan’ style and was designed by the architect William Venn Gough who also designed the city’s famous Cabot Tower. In that year modern realist painting was in its golden era; John Singer Sargent was 43, Anders Zorn was 36, and Cecilia Beaux was 41, all that the height of their powers. We hope that this space will prove to be an inspiring environment for our students.

Just adjacent to our new site is the Trinity Arts Centre, which hosts a range of arts and music events and has a café and outside picnic area for students to relax in during breaks in the summer months. Additionally, the nearby Old Market has a plethora of lively cafés, artists’ studios and watering holes for lunches and after school fun. Teaching at LARA Bristol will be led by Tom Greenwood, LARA alumnus, RBA Rome Scholar and sometime tutor in London, while other tutors will join the course at a later date. The full-time and part-time curriculum will follow the proven LARA syllabus of figure and cast drawing and painting. Integration with the LARA London curriculum means students will be able to switch between locations without altering their progress through the LARA programme of study.

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