LARA at The New Generation Festival 2018

Now in its second year, the New Generation Festival, inspired by the first ever Corsini Festival of 1680, treats guests to four days of opera, theatre, and classical and contemporary music to rival the great carnivals of the Renaissance.

Roman Lyulkin plays Leporello in Mozart’s Don Giovanni

The Festival’s vision is to give a platform to the musical stars of tomorrow and LARA was delighted to work with the New Generation Festival to showcase one of our own rising artistic stars, Lewis Hazelwood-Horner. Lewis spent the four days of the festival sketching and painting, and taking in all the many sights and sounds so that he would able to continue work on his paintings once returned to the UK.

LARA alumnus Lewis Hazelwood-Horner paints in the sixteenth century gardens

Lewis described the New Generation Festival as a ‘visual feast’, and no wonder. From the grand architecture of the lighting towers and stage with its palazzo backdrop, to the fine gardens and their Roman sculptures, and from the grand outfits and costumes to the vigorous performances by singers, conductors, actors and instrumentalists alike, the whole occasion was a spectacle of colour and motion.

Jonathan Santagada conducts Sir William Walton’s score to accompany a performance of Shakespeare’s Henry V; a striking gesture

Ed Jones as the Constable of France; stage lights under the stars gave the performances a unique atmosphere

Charlie Hamblett played the Earl of Cambridge; Charlie Pickard’s recent ‘Gesture, balance and weight’ tutorial would help an artist wishing to depict such a scene

Erica Piccotti wowed at a late-night concert at the Chiesa di Ognissanti; an intense expression echoing the emotion of the piece

And equally the festival guests loved spotting Lewis in and around the gardens, this time in the lighting tower, now in a limonaia, and enjoyed the theatricality of his live painterly pursuits.

Lewis painting in the lighting tower

Lewis was a fantastic fit for this first collaboration between LARA and the New Generation Festival. His get up and paint attitude allowed him to meet the particular challenges of painting a festival where no two evenings are the same with ease.

Painter’s-eye view; the stage

Lewis’ recent works exploring the practices of other craft traditions, such as the artisan production of shoes, beer, guns and, fittingly, instruments, to name few, also put LARA’s inaugural New Generation Festival Painter in sympathy with another project the Corsini family’s garden is host to, the Artigianto e Palazzo exhibition which yearly champions crafts from around the world. This wasn’t Lewis’ own first artistic appearance in Florence. In 2016 his painting ‘Salt in Tea’, winner of the prestigious Columbia Threadneedle Prize, was exhibited at the Palazzo Strozzi alongside works by Picasso and Kandinsky.

Wonderful colours of the garden lighting design

We look forward to seeing the final images of the artwork Lewis has created in response to the New Generation Festival 2018 – watch this space!

All images credit: © Guy Bell,

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