LARA Alumnus Paints Noted Surgeon

Recent LARA graduate and QEST Scholarship winner Benjamin Laughton Smith was commissioned to paint Professor David Ritchie by his two sons. The painting, unveiled in September, now hangs on the staircase of the medical school at the Royal London Hospital, of which Ritchie was Dean.

Benjamin took time out of the last section of his LARA training to undertake the commission. The task itself required tremendous skill – skill Benjamin has acquired over his four years at LARA – as all the reference images available had suffered marked colour deterioration and none were taken expressly for the purpose of serving as a painting guide. Benjamin will now return to LARA, moving from the London studio to the Bristol studio for a month, to work on some final still lifes and portraits before beginning his artistic career in earnest.

The whole LARA Team wishes Benjamin the best of luck and is looking forward to seeing where his work takes him next.

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