LARA Alumna SJ Fuerst Named One of the Top Ten Artists Working Today by GQ Magazine


LARA alumna SJ Fuerst described herself as ‘honoured to be named as one of the 10 best artists working today by GQ’. As Fuerst’s alma mater, LARA is delighted and proud of such a splendid achievement. GQ wrote:

‘Fuerst’s hyper-real paintings are so uncannily life-like they will make you swear to God they just winked at you. Celebrating the unusual and bombastic, Fuerst’s paintings have a touch of fashion photographer Tim Walker’s fantastical choice of props about them. Mix in some Harajuku-level facial expressions and cuteness and you’ve got yourself a hallway knock-out. A graduate of the Academy in Florence and the London Atelier of Representational Art, Fuerst’s classical methods of painting jar pleasingly with her contemporary subjects. Fuerst’s painstaking works are becoming increasingly prominent in certain art collections – and the price reflects her stature as the real deal.’

We look forward to watching Fuerst’s next steps!

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