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Industry Workshops is “London’s primary VFX event”. It’s a 3 day convention, held in Waterloo, and brings together people from the special effects and film industries.

LARA attended the Industry Workshops event to showcase how the traditional skills taught at LARA are increasingly important for this very modern industry.

Advances are being made in computer software all the time. As this happens, and the user interface becomes more intuitive, there is a growing need for strong drawing skills in the industry. It’s no longer possible to hide a lack of drawing skills behind good technical knowledge.

And so this was why LARA was at Industry Workshops. We saw it as a chance for people in the VFX industries to see what LARA does, and understand how the skills that LARA teaches, are relevant to them.

The convention was packed with 400 people – many of them from studios that are industry leaders.


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