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Help pages

Can I pay for the first class and then decide whether to continue and pay for a year?

We try to be as accommodating as possible, but we cannot offer the option of a taster class. This is because one three hour session is not illustrative of the course as a whole. You can gain as much, if not more, of a sense of the school and teaching from a visit. All those interested are welcome to come and visit the school and organise a follow-up conversation either in person or over the phone. To arrange a visit contact us. We would advise if you are unsure if you want to commit full-time to take one of our part-time or workshop options first. Get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

How can the School help if I have Special Educational Needs?

The School is a small organisation, which is totally self-funded and does not receive funding from government. As such it is not in a position to provide the range of facilities and support services that can be expected from larger educational institutions. That said, our small size allows us to offer a personalised, supportive environment and the flexibility to address individual needs in a simple and straightforward way. We encourage all students to contact the office if they have had learning support before or have a condition or disability that might impact upon their learning experience, in order to assess the students' situation and develop a plan for support.

Do I need to submit an application?

We do not currently require applications to be submitted for our Full-Time course or our Short Courses. All courses, unless otherwise stated, are open to beginners. If you would like advice on what courses might be best to take for your level, contact us. The only exception is our Diploma course. Students must have completed the Foundation course in order to enrol on the Diploma. Students with prior training in a classical atelier may gain advanced entry onto the Diploma course. Their level is determined by the school in an application review, and whether the student has met the criteria assessed on LARA's Foundation course. Please get in touch if you would like to start this process.

Do I get an officially recognised qualification at the end of the course?

LARA does not yet offer a government accredited qualification. The outcome of your studies is evidenced through the work you produce and the skills you gain.

Can the School help with finding accommodation in London?

The School does not have Halls of Residence. However, there is a lot of independent student accommodation in London and, of course, property rental. Short Course students regularly use Airbnb as well as hotels in the local area. Opportunities for flat share are also circulated amongst fellow students upon request of the student.

I’m an overseas student, do I need a visa to study at LARA?

Yes, most people, except citizens of the countries of the European Union, need a visa to study in the UK as unfortunately LARA is presently not an accredited institution. Always check your status before setting out. For full information, see the Home Office website:

Can I study on the Diploma or Foundation course part-time?

Yes. It is possible to study the Foundation and Diploma courses on a Part-Time basis.