Help pages

Help pages

Where do your tutors come from?

All of our tutors atelier-trained artists. Some of our principle tutors were students at LARA over 10 years ago. For more information about each individual tutor, go to our tutor profile page here:

Who is the course suitable for?

Providing the opportunity to perfect your skills, this course is designed to attract complete beginners, students and professional artists alike.

How much do I need to cover costs of living in London?

Please note that the figures below are just an estimate that might serve you as a guide, and will vary depending on the area of London you live in, and on your personal lifestyle. Rough estimates of cost of living per month:

  • Accommodation: £600
  • Bills (electricity/gas/council tax): £60
  • Transport: Generally the cheapest way to get around London is using an oyster card or contactless payment card. If you're studying with us Full-Time, you may also be eligible for an 18+ student oyster card. If you live further away from LARA, a travelcard may be more suitable. See the TFL website for more information.
  • Living costs, such as a mobile contract and food expenses, as well as any social or extracurricular activities should also be considered, and will vary depending on your lifestyle.

How do I register for a course place?

To book a place on our Full-Time course or Short Courses you can book directly on our website. You can also through our online form, email us at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 800 0867296. If possible, we suggest that those interested in the full-time course come to LARA to visit the school before enrolling on the course. To arrange a tour of the studio, contact us

What is the atelier technique, and how is it unique to LARA?

The atelier technique is an age-old tradition. Artists like Sargent spent some of their most formative years in an atelier, learning alongside masters and developing their expertise through hard work and constant practice. Tutors also play an active role, regularly critiquing your work and giving demonstrations, which, we believe are a key tool for learning. LARA has since championed the value of rigorous skills-based training and brought the craft back into mainstream arts education. Groups are kept small to allow for more teacher-student time.

Is LARA accredited?

LARA is an independent, non-accredited school. This change in the future, but we are currently enjoying our independent status.

Are there any age or experience restrictions?

There are no restrictions on experience. However, you have to be 16+ years to apply. Beyond that, there are no age restrictions.

How long is the Diploma Course?

After completing your Foundation (3 terms), you are automatically accepted onto the Diploma. The Diploma curriculum includes further drawing, painting and advanced painting and consists of 6 terms of study. Painting study begins at completion of the drawing curriculum (which takes on average 6 terms including the Foundation) and then, when a student is ready, advanced painting. Students who have completed the Diploma may choose to stay for an additional year of specialisation if they have completed the required exercises on the curriculum.

Are there any subsidised places?

Currently there are no subsidised places available to students on the full-time course. We offer Scholarships on our Easter and Summer Schools each year for 16-20-year-olds. These opportunities are announced through our website, newsletter and social media when applications open. Sign up to our newsletter to hear about opportunities at LARA.  

Are your classes suitable for complete beginners?

All courses, unless otherwise stated, are open to beginners. If you would like advice on what courses might be best to take for your level, contact us. The only exception is our Diploma course, which requires students to have completed the Foundation course at LARA, or equivalent in classical atelier training.

Can I pay in instalments?

Course fees for our Foundation and Diploma courses can be paid in instalments. Details of instalment plans can be found under "Payment Options | How it works" on the course pages of our website. Short Course fees must be paid in full to secure a place on the course, and can not be paid in instalments.

Do you offer accommodation?

No, regrettably LARA is unable to provide students with accommodation.