Body of Work: A Project on Life Models by Fra Beecher

Fra Beecher is a life model and photographic artist who modelled for LARA Bristol and LARA London. Using her experiences as a starting point, Fra’s fascinating project ‘Body of Work’ (2018-20) explores the physicality of the life model’s role in art. The artist used the LARA studios, as well as further studios in London, Bristol and Bath, to create her work, which evolved into an investigation of the physicality of the role of the female life model. Fra believes that the role of a life model is often misunderstood and through her images hoped to challenge the misconception that life models are passive.

As well as posing for LARA, Fra has posed for the figurative painter Harry Holland and for Tranåmålarna & Co at Ateljé 61 in Sweden. She is also a co-founder of a life model collective and is currently studying for a Masters in Photography at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol).

“In this work, my body is my tool, and my nudity is my uniform.”

Body of Work is made up of six chapters: Seated, Sustained, Object, Standing, Dynamic and Subject. Each chapter represents an aspect of the model’s work, the physical requirements of the role and the tools they use, including their own bodies. The images represent a female life model, who, seated or standing, has held a pose. We’ve included six of the works – one from each chapter – below.

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Seated: Body of Work by Fra Beecher


Sustained: Body of Work by Fra Beecher


Object: Body of Work by Fra Beecher


Standing: Body of Work by Fra Beecher


Dynamic: Body of Work by Fra Beecher
Subject: Body of Work by Fra Beecher

All images © Fra Beecher 2020.

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