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‘Studying at LARA has taken my own work and studio practice to the next level. I am hugely grateful LARA exists and I hope many more young artists will have the chance to have their lives transformed because of this brilliant school!’

Tanja Hassel / Foundation in Fine Art

‘LARA is a leading institution and a pacesetter for creatives.They are indeed the epitome of exceptionality and excellence’

Lanre Olagoke / Art-Alive Trust Founder

‘LARA is a unique school focusing on strong drawing and painting skills.It has been invaluable to my artistic development’

Anja Joanes / Diploma in Fine Art

‘LARA offers full and part-time students really valuable opportunities to develop high levels of skill in fine art and sculpture practice that are not available elsewhere. As a mature student, returning to painting after a long gap, Short Courses at LARA had a profound and positive effect on my work’

Malcom Cudmore / Workshop student

Why Choose LARA?

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Learn How to Really Draw and Paint

Here at LARA we provide students, professional artists and art teachers with the opportunity to perfect your skills by employing traditional, time-tested methods – perhaps best described as the ‘grammar’ of drawing and painting. Sadly the majority of these skills are no longer taught at mainstream art schools.

What is special about Atelier training?


Rediscover Your Inner Artist

All too often people are unable to express their artistic vision simply because of a lack of training. Life might have got in the way, or a previous art ‘training’ may have left them discouraged. If this is you, we can help you realise your untapped potential. We’ll teach you the skills to express your creativity and develop your own style.

What will the Atelier training teach you?


Get Ahead In The Games Industry

Concept artists and digital artists, for both films and video games, are in high demand. Top studios require an atelier training. We’re proud of our alumni who have taken their ‘traditional’ training and gone on to the most cutting edge of work.



LARA at the Industry Workshops


The Atelier Method

Our tutors will tailor their critiques to your individual requirements. Students of differing standards and experience work together, learning from each other. The flexibility of the Atelier method and curriculum is perfectly suited to those who wish to study part time and study options include both evenings and weekends.

Our Figure Drawing Demo


Sight-Size Technique

Sight-size drawing and painting can produce extremely accurate and realistic results. The artist sets a vantage point from where all observations will be made and draws in a way that their subject and drawing appear the same size from this point.


Become Part Of Our Community

Students, tutors, models, staff, drop-in attendees – everyone who comes through LARA’s doors helps to make the school what it is. In our ten years we’ve watched friendships flourish and names being made. Join us!



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