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  • London | Easter School | Introduction to LARA Materials - sofia welch | lizet dingemans | lucy fyffe

    London | Easter School | Introduction to LARA Materials

    sofia welch | lizet dingemans | lucy fyffe

    26th Mar - 6th Apr 2018 | 10:00-5:00 | Max: 24


    Easter School is back with a brand new structure: enjoy a whistle-stop tour through all the materials used on our full-time courses for a taste of atelier life!

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    10 Days 26th March to 6th April £410

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    Course information

    The Easter School is the perfect introduction to atelier study. Based in our central London studio, you will enjoy the same teaching as our full-time Foundationa and Diploma students. The course also begins with expert guidance for those new to the sight-size method.

    The course is suitable for beginners and professional artists alike. Due to the unique nature of the atelier method students of all levels and experience are able to work alongside each other while receiving individual critiques and feedback.

    The New Structure

    To complement our Summer School, the tutors at LARA have reconfigured the Easter School to put a focus on experimenting with the materials used in the exercises of the Diploma curriculum. The course has been specially constructed so the student will lose none of the rigorous attention to drawing and accuracy our students have come to expect.

    In week 1 you will work exclusively in the figure room producing ten three-hour drawings, with a different pose being set each day. In the morning you will work in pencil to focus on proportion, gesture, body type, shadow shape with good variety and quality of line. In the afternoon you will work from the same pose as the morning session but trying a different medium every day from the full-time course: charcoal, charcoal and chalk, raw umber wipe out, monochrome oil painting and 'Zorn palette' oil painting.

    In week 2 you will mirror the work of the full-time students by spending half the day in the figure room and half the day in the cast room. In the mornings you will work on one drawing over the five sessions of the figure in whichever material you most enjoyed in the first week. Likewise in the afternoons you will work from a simple cast in your preferred medium. There is also the option of working on a 'Bargue' copy, the first exercise of the curriculum, but students should not expect to finish such a drawing in the five sessions.

    A new opportunity to begin the LARA Foundation or Diploma curriculum

    On week 1 of Easter School you will produce ten three-hour drawings which happens to be the requirement for exercise 1 of the Foundation and Diploma curricula. The decision has been taken that if Easter School students complete these drawings to the Head of School's satisfaction they may be counted towards progress on the curriculum. The students would then begin any full-time or part-time study on the second exercise of the curriculum.

    The Facilities

    Limited to 12 students per class. Rare in the UK, the figure model pose in the second week will be sustained over the five days, providing you with a wonderful opportunity to observe the figure with accuracy and under unvarying light conditions, and develop your drawing or painting.

    Why the atelier method?

    The atelier method means we are able to offer a tailored option suitable to the individual student, and it is effective at all levels. Whatever your current skill, we adapt the teaching system to match your aptitude and progress throughout the ten days, in order to create a uniquely challenging and satisfying experience.

    Whether you are just starting to learn the basics, or are looking to be pushed to a higher level of proficiency, we are experienced at helping artists achieve their aims. The atelier method is a great way to push your artistic ability to the next level.

    The End Result

    You will leave with a clear understanding of the organisational process behind drawing and painting. You will also have fine-tuned and sharpened your observational skills to a higher level.

    Each student leaves with ten 'quick' figure studies is various media, a carefully observed and rendered cast drawing/painting, and a strong figure painting/drawing, having grasped the unique benefits of the sight-size method.

    We have a single week option available for those unable to attend for the full two weeks. If attending week two only the student's medium choice would be limited to pencil or charcoal.


    You will need to provide your own materials, a full list will be sent after booking confirmation. 

    ‘The very high standard of work and skill development championed by the school is both refreshing and inspirational. I hope to return for a future experience and I have been left feeling inspired to push my painting. Thank you!’ I Banfield

    Please note this course requires a minimum of six students to run.