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  • London | Drop-in Life Drawing | Quick poses - Spaces available on first-come, first-served basis

    London | Drop-in Life Drawing | Quick poses

    Spaces available on first-come, first-served basis

    Wednesday evenings | 18:30-20:30


    Looking for a relaxed weekly life-drawing session with great models and in a professional studio? Visit LARA and get a taste of life at the atelier.

    Drop-in Life Drawing Dates
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    4th April 2018 £0
    11th April 2018 £0
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    These sessions are fun, informal, untutored and open to anyone. While there is always at least one tutor present to supervise, the model leads the class through a range of poses, starting with a few five minute warm-up poses, then some 10 minutes, 20, and finally a 45 minute pose to end.

    Quick drawing is a great way to practise capturing the essence of a pose, without getting distracted by unnecessary detail. If an artist can capture the pose's gesture and model's basic body-type in just a few well-judged lines, then they have mastered the block-in, the cornerstone on which any good drawing rests.

    At these sessions artists bring their own materials and can experiment with different media. Some artists will experiment with softer charcoals, coloured pencils, even chunky marker pens or paints at the drop-in.


    While the student's work is self-led at the drop-in session, it is a great opportunity to practise the following:

    Learning to make quick but accurate proportional judgements, using comparative measurement as opposed to sight-size

    Using big, simplified shapes to represent gesture and form

    Two value, block-in mass drawing to represent simplified forms under lighting

    Using contour and edges to describe more specific forms in a narrow value range


    The drop-in sessions take place in the same figure room as the full-time course and therefore benefit from the excellent studio facilities. We have a range of different lighting options, all the way from natural light (only in the summer for evening sessions), soft artificial light and harder spotlights of different colour temperatures, all at studio quality specifications.

    We provide chairs and drawing boards for all and, additionally, there are easels available on a first-come, first-served basis.


    Anything goes at these sessions, however you can buy pencils, putty rubbers, charcoal and painting materials from the LARA London shop, within the studio.


    We hope you leave the session not only with drawings to be proud of but also having met and chatted with lots of fellow artists with similar interests. These sessions are intended to be relaxed and sociable.

    Beginners welcome.

    booking and payment

    There are 20 spots available for the session. These are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. It is completely fine to pay in cash on the door (cards not accepted) but please bear in mind that as advanced booking is possible through this webpage the session could be sold out on the day.