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  • Cast Drawing Masterclass - Lizet Dingemans

    Cast Drawing Masterclass

    Lizet Dingemans

    TBC | 10:00-5:00| Max 12


    This short Cast Drawing Masterclass aims to introduce students to the methods of sight size cast drawing with pencil or charcoal. Using a sight size set up and methods taught on the full time course, students will create a competent reproduction of a cast of their choice. Students will be guided through the process of drawing from the cast from start to finish including set up and lighting advice so that they may recreate a similar arrangement at a later date.

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    Course information 

    Cast drawing has long been implemented as an important teaching practice within traditional ateliers. Fundamental to the LARA method, it teaches the student how to block in efficiently, accurately translate complex shape problems, and how to understand the effect of light on form, without the complications of local hue changes. Learning to locate the shadow-line and identify values correctly, as well as developing a trained eye, are key skills that will be gained as part of this short intensive masterclass.

    Pencil as A Medium

    Pencil is an ideal medium to use for those just starting out on cast drawing as its permits observation and correction of the drawing with more control for those unused to the sight size method. Pencil also allows for a sharpness of detail and an ease of correction allowing for concentration on the fundamentals involved in cast drawing.

    Charcoal as A Medium

    Students more familiar with the sight size method will be encouraged to use charcoal while working from the cast. Charcoal, in its nature, is similar to painting in many respects in terms of value, the variety in tone generated using charcoal allowing for a convincing rendition of the cast. Fundamental to generating an effective cast drawing is learning how to handle charcoal as a medium, and handling, sharpening and keeping the drawing ‘clean’ are all covered in depth on this intensive week.

    The Facilities

    Limited to 10 students, two students will share a professional cast set up with unchanging lighting and drapery. The workshop room is located within the main school of The London Atelier of Representational Art giving students the perfect opportunity to view the full time students at work while they develop their own skills.

    The End Result

    By working for six hours each day over the five day period each student leaves with a carefully observed and rendered cast drawing and a strong understanding of the cast drawing, process from set up to completion.

    ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course, Alex was a great teacher, and the relaxed atmosphere in the school was brilliant. It’s one of the first courses I’ve done where I’ve actually been happy with the end result which was a bonus!’ – Abi Huxtable