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  • Artistic Anatomy For Portraiture - Stuart Elliot

    Artistic Anatomy For Portraiture

    Stuart Elliot

    24th February 2018 | 10:00-5:00 | Saturday


    This Artistic Anatomy masterclass will provide you with the foundation to develop a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of the anatomy of the human head.

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    24th February 2017 £0

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    Praise for Artistic Anatomy for Portraiture with Stuart Elliot

    'Stuart's course was great - illuminating, practical, immediately useful.'

    'Stuart makes the study of portrait anatomy a really interesting subject. I always felt like I came away from each session with just the right amount of new information that my brain could handle. I enjoyed the way each class builds on the last through the use of demonstrations followed by practical application. The class pushes you out of your comfort zone in a way that is challenging but will ultimately help you improve your understanding of the face, as well as general drawing skill. Highly recommend!'

    Course information

    This Masterclass, held over five consecutive Saturdays, will provide you with the foundation to develop a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of artistic anatomy for portraiture, and its application when working from the live model.

    The course will be framed in relation to the atelier method of sight-size drawing, and will emphasise how an anatomically informed eye can be of benefit in assessing the visual impression of the portrait.

    Anatomy is an essential component for high level work from life; this masterclass is a rare opportunity for some personalised guidance through this complex subject.

    Each session will comprise a comprehensive anatomy lecture and demonstration, with equal time given over to practical drawing exercises so that you can apply the information and concepts whilst receiving personalised guidance.  

    A minimum number of 5 students is required for this short course to run.

    The Facilities

    Each class is limited to 12 students. The workshop room is located within the main school of The London Atelier of Representational Art. 

    The End Result

    You will leave the course with a confident understanding of the mechanics and complexities of the human head and will produce drawings in which you will have learnt to apply this knowledge in a way that is practical and relevant to your art practice. 


    Please note that specific materials are required for this course. You will receive a complete list on application.

    About Stuart Elliot

    Stuart Elliot is an artist, writer and lecturer. He teaches figure drawing and anatomy, and is a lecturer at Central St Martins in London. He exhibits his paintings internationally and also writes about contemporary art. He is the author of "Drawing the Nude: Anatomy, Structure and Observation", published by Crowood Press. The images are from the lecture element of the course.