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  • Portrait Demonstration and Masterclass with Luca Indraccolo #saveourstudio - Luca Indraccolo

    Portrait Demonstration and Masterclass with Luca Indraccolo #saveourstudio

    Luca Indraccolo

    (10th and) 14th December 2017 | 10:00-5:00 | Max: 10


    LARA is glad to welcome back ex-Head of Studies Luca Indraccolo for this one day Portrait Demonstration and Masterclass! To prepare for Luca's arrival from Malta, students will have the chance to create a transfer drawing on the previous Sunday (tutored by Jason Tremlett). To purchase, please donate £200 to our Crowdfunder campaign by choosing this reward, details below #saveourstudio


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    about Portrait Demonstration and Masterclass with Luca Indraccolo #saveourstudio

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    If you would like a place on this masterclass, please click through the link to purchase via our crowdfunding campaign #saveourstudio

    course information

    In this 2 day course you will learn how to successfully approach the complicated subject of portraiture painting alla prima and for one day only ex-LARA Head of Studies Luca Indraccolo will be back to demonstrate a quick portrait technique and provide guidance for you to produce your own painting.

    We will observe the sitter in the same sustained pose from life to understand the planes and structure of the head and what to look for to achieve a likeness.

    We will also learn how to approach an alla prima painting, tackling the difficulties of working wet-on-wet.

    On day 1 (Sunday 10th December) the students will prepare a transfer drawing of the model. They will focus on drawing, getting correct proportions and likeness. At the end of the day they will transfer the drawing on to their canvas and fix (trace) the drawing in raw umber, including shadow shapes. This will be tutored by LARA tutor Jason Tremlett.

    On day 2 (Thursday 14th December) Luca will begin the class with a brief talk breaking down the alla prima approach, tone, color theory, and how to apply it to color mixing. He will then move on to the practical difficulties of wet-on wet painting, at which point students will begin mixing colours and start painting from the live model.

    By the end of the second day students will understand how to approach a portrait using the wet-on-wet technique, and will have learned techniques they can apply to their own work and studies going forward.

    the facilities

    This class is limited to 10 students working from 2 models. The workshop room is located within the main school of LARA London studio.

    Each model is lit with individual professional photographic lighting, which provides a steady, unchanging environment from which to observe the figure.

    the end result

     There will be the opportunity for students to produce a transfer drawing of the portrait model on Sunday 10th of December to make the most of their day with Luca. Students will then leave with an alla prima portrait.


    Please note that specific materials are required for this course. You will receive a complete list on application.