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  • Concept Art | Sketching Architecture and Landscapes Masterclass - Magdalena Kusowska

    Concept Art | Sketching Architecture and Landscapes Masterclass

    Magdalena Kusowska

    TBC | 10:00-5:00 | Max 15


    Over four day's Magda will cover the crucial knowledge for environment sketching. A must for anyone interested in Concept Art.

    Sketching Architecure and Landscape Masterclass

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    about Concept Art | Sketching Architecture and Landscapes Masterclass

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    course structure

    This course covers the crucial knowledge for successful environment sketching. Each day of the course will be dedicated to the practice of one of the four major aspects of theory:

    1. Linear and atmospheric perspective

    2. Lighting and composition

    3. Textures and rendering

    4. Colour

    course information

    The course introduces students to perspective and gives them several techniques for outdoor sketching. Students will learn how to apply acquired knowledge whilst drawing on location. 

    On day two, students will be shown tools for developing the composition of their images, critical for effective storytelling. They will also be taught about highlighting the main subject of their image and about how to generate a focal point. At this stage Magdalena will also cover several lighting scenarios and analyse their different visual effects.

    Next, the course will examine basic features of various materials and textures, both for urban and rural scenes. In understanding the various factors that influence the look of specific materials the artist is more equipped to accurately depict any subject, which gives them options for more powerful storytelling.

    On the final day, the course focuses on colour theory, colour harmonies, contrasts and accents. It address subjects like broken colour, sky gradation and the colour schemes associated with different times of the day and seasons ofthe year. Magdalena will also address the issue of colour in light and shadow and the effect of coloured light sources on their surroundings.

    the end result

    During the course students will produce plein-air and still life sketches as practice of perspective and tonal accuracy, which they will further work on to consider composition and storytelling. They will also produce colour sketches based on these initial sketches, augmented by the lessons of texture, rendering and colour.


    The class is limited to 15 students. The course will take place in the new studios at LARA London. Easels will be provided.


    Please note that specific materials are required for this course. You will receive a complete list on application.

    about Magda Kusowska


    Having worked in the British film industry on big budget productions such as Star Wars VII, Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy, Magdalena brings her concept art expertise to LARA.

    Magdalena creates visual images to illustrate ideas and designs for film sets and costumes. She uses both digital and traditional techniques.

    Originally from Poland, Magdalena has been based in the UK since 2007. She holds a degree in Architecture but her passion for plein-art has caused this to be the increasing focus of her work.