Tutor Alex Heath takes role as concept artist at Opus Artz


LARA would like to wish the very best of luck to tutor Alex Heath in his new full time role as concept artist at Opus Artz concept art and production studio.

Alex studied at LARA and went on to teach as a tutor on the full time course, a much loved member of the team he will be missed by the students and staff alike! His concept art work shows just how relevant classical training is within contemporary industries. Alex will continue to work with LARA on workshops and weekend courses and there is still a chance to study under his expert tuition on the Cast Drawing Workshop running in December.

‘Opus Artz is a 2D production design agency based in London, UK with a global client base in film, games and publishing offering a complete 2D Visual development pipeline. Our diverse talent pool of conceptual artists, production artists and illustrators are specialists in their own respective right, augmented with a talented industrial design and previsualization team.’

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