Atelier | The Art of Representation (film)


After a successful first exhibition, we look back at 'Atelier | the Art of Representation'. LARA Director James Napier conceived of the exhibition in order to showcase how the traditional atelier skills taught at LARA are still relevant today. Artists trained in the atelier method, from around the world, were chosen for their creativity and vision.

Included in the show were computer arts, pop art, sculpture, conceptual work, architecture and photography - all demonstrating the diversity of fields to which the atelier method can be applied.


Galleries Magazine wrote about the show “it should certainly begin to break down a lot of preconceived notions about such an approach being overly conservative and academic - there’s some very sparky work here”




It was really exciting to see all the works on show in a dedicated exhibition space. We hope it conveyed an appreciation of the commitment that the artists make in order to develop their skills to this level.The atelier method demands from its practitioners an intensity of focus, dedication and patience.

LARA is very grateful to all of the artists involved in the show.

We believe they have made an important contribution to a deeper understanding of how the atelier method has meaning and significance in today’s world.


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