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Artistic Anatomy | Stuart Elliot Interview Part 2


In the second part of our interview, Stuart Elliot discusses how anatomy study relates to the practice of sight-size

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QEST Scholarship Winner is LARA student Benjamin Smith


We are pleased to announce that LARA student Benjamin Smith has been announced as the QEST Siegmund Warburg Scholar.

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Atelier | Open Studios


The London Atelier of Representational Art request the pleasure of your company at Atelier | Open Studios on 30th June 6pm - 9pm

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Private View | Underdog Gallery | Future Masters


Luca Indraccolo and Sally Jane Fuerst exhibit at The Underdog Gallery in 'Future Masters'

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Disappearing Island | Life Drawing Event


Thank you to the artists that showed their support to make our 'The Disappearing Island' Free Life Drawing Event such a success

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RP Annual Portrait Exhibition 2016


LARA offers congratulations to selected students, alumni and tutors to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition 2016

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Free Life Drawing Event | The Disappearing Island


Join LARA for a free life drawing session 12-4pm at The Averard Hotel on Thursday 5th May #InhabitYourCity

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Artistic Anatomy | Stuart Elliot Interview


Ahead of the Artistic Anatomy Masterclass, tutor Stuart Elliot explains the importance of anatomical study for artists and its relevance when using the sight-size method. Part 1 of 2

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Lewis Hazelwood-Horner wins The Columbia Threadneedle-Prize-2016


LARA alumni Lewis Hazelwood-Horner wins Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016 LARA are very proud to offer congratulations to Lewis Hazelwood-Horner who was announced as the winner of the Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016 for his work “Salt in Tea”

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Paper trails | the search for the perfect toned paper


Traditionally, ateliers used a high quality, handmade paper called 'Roma' produced by the renowned Italian paper mill Fabriano. Unfortunately, Fabriano have recently ceased production of its toned papers and so we have been carrying out some research into suitable toned alternatives. Here's what we've found.

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Atelier | The Art of Representation (film)


After a successful first exhibition, we look back at 'Atelier | the Art of Representation'. LARA Director James Napier conceived of the exhibition in order to showcase how the traditional atelier skills taught at LARA are still relevant today. Artists trained in the atelier method, from around the world, were chosen for their creativity and vision.

Included in the show were computer arts, pop art, sculpture, conceptual work, architecture and photography - all demonstrating the diversity of fields to which the atelier method can be applied.

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Inside art with Lewis Hazelwood-Horner


One of the artists featured in our upcoming exhibition “Atelier | the Art of Representation” is Lewis Hazelwood-Horner. Hazelwood-Horner finds inspiration in the art residencies he's occupied, for companies as diverse as James Smith & Sons, the umbrella makers; Holland and Holland, the gunmakers; Lobbs the bespoke boot makers, and various breweries including the Truman Brewery and the Redemption Brewery.

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Courbet’s realism


Today in the art world the word realism is often used interchangeably for two very different meanings. The more obvious, and more common, usage of the world ‘realism’ is to describe a painting which closely resembles the subject which is portrays. This meaning is relatively new however, since before the birth of expressionism at the beginning of the twentieth century, no other kind of painting existed.

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Inside art with Luca Indraccolo


​“The skills I’ve acquired through the rigorous atelier training allow me to communicate the desired feelings and ideas in my paintings, without being hindered by technical limitations.”

Luca Indraccolo left a successful job as a commercial graphic designer to pursue a career in painting. His travels eventually led him to London and LARA, where he found the time-tested atelier training method he was looking for. Indraccolo is now a full time painter and a teacher at LARA.

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Inside art with Sally Jane Fuerst


“Sargent made me want to be a painter. Warhol made me want to be an artist.”

Graduated from LARA in 2010, Sally Jane Fuerst has continued her development as a representational artist. Her style can be described as pop art expressed through classical painting. The core of her work is about the fantasy world inside each painting, which she builds around the costumes and inflatable toys our society has found a demand for.

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Industry Workshops | Where Digital meet Analogue


LARA attended the Industry Workshops event to showcase how the traditional skills taught at LARA are increasingly important for this very modern industry.

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Figure Drawing Sight Size


It is our belief that figure drawing is the basis of all good draftsmanship and, for this reason, drawing from life is the backbone of LARA’s process.

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The Munsell Colour System


The Munsell colour system was invented by Albert H Munsell (1858-1918) as an accurate way to numerically define colours.

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Russian Landscapes


Ivan Shishkin was known in Russia as the ‘master of the forest’.

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Soft Hands


Hands are one of the toughest parts of the human body to draw or paint, as any art student will know. Their treatment by painters has evolved dramatically since the renaissance, with Velasquez as probably the most influential master in this evolution.

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The Colour Of Shadows


Students often find it hard to see the colour of shadows, compared with seeing the local colour of the lights. There is, however, a simple scientific formula for determining the correct colour.

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Meissonier- a painter of history


Some painters do not achieve their fame until they are dead, others are hugely successful in their lifetime and then are forgotten by history.

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Dennis Miller Bunker


Perhaps Meissonier’s flaw, in the eyes of his critics, was that he was an old fashioned painter at the beginning of a new age of painting. His technical genius remains undeniable and both his subject matter and, perhaps fittingly, his own personal story remind us not to forget the past. In his own words he was ‘a painter of history’.

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Tutor Alex Heath takes role as concept artist at Opus Artz


LARA would like to wish the very best of luck to tutor Alex Heath in his new full time role as concept artist at Opus Artz concept art and production studio.

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London Atelier and Framestore: Old Master skills for New Digital Masters


LARA is very happy to be working with top VFX company Framestore to provide their concept team with training in traditional sculpture. Sculptor and director James Napier has been taking them through the fundamentals of portrait sculpture proving just how relevant traditional skills are to contemporary film and game industries.

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BP Portrait Award 2014


The 2014 BP Portrait Award is well underway at the National Portrait Gallery displaying some wonderful works of contemporary portraiture including 'jewller' by former LARA student Robert Neil.

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LARA tutors and alumni work accepted into Royal Portrait Society annual exhibition


The London Atelier of Representational Art would like to offer its congratulations to the following tutors and alumni for their accepted work to the annual RP exhibition.

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RBA Rome Scholarship Winner is LARA Student Tom Greenwood


Congratulations to LARA student Tom Greenwood who has been awarded The Rome Scholarship for 2014 by The Royal Society of British Artists. The scholarship will allow Tom to spend one month at the British School in Rome, the criteria for success being the demonstration of a high standard of draftsmanship. We look forward to seeing what Tom achieves during his month in the stunning city.

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Chasing The Pose


As a pose progresses and “sinks in” its important to leave the drawing “open” in order to catch these variables, also known as “chasing the pose”.

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Society Of Portrait Sculptors 2013


Many congratulations to LARA alumni Jean-David Solon for winning the Bronze Age Sculpture Class Prize and coming high commended in the Tiranti Prize at the annual society of portrait sculptors exhibition.

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