How much do I need to cover costs of living in London?

Please note that the figures below are just an estimate that might serve you as a guide, and will vary depending on the area of London you live in, and on your personal lifestyle. Rough estimates of cost of living per month:

  • Accommodation: £600 
  • Bills (electricity/gas/council tax): £60
  • Transport: A monthly 18+ student travel card for bus and underground covering zone 1-2 is ca.£85. The Art School is located in zone 2. You might not need access to zone 1 if you live in other zones of London, or might only need to use buses for your commute, so for more details, please refer to the TFL website 
  • Please note that you also need to consider food and telephone (mobile) expenses, which will greatly vary depending on your lifestyle and telephone plan.

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How much do I need to cover costs of living in London?

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